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参加レポート Harusato Inayoshi

I have been assisting Ms.Sue in her efforts to provide a diverse and inclusive gathering place through the children's cafeteria, regardless of nationality or age, primarily by assisting with behind-the-scenes work at OHAO. It all began with the creation of OHAO's logo, and I have been helping with tasks such as language translation as well.
OHAO relies on the contributions of numerous volunteers in fields like translation, cooking, and design. This recent occasion marked my third time assisting during an OHAO event.
We screened a somewhat challenging English-language movie during the event for the young children. To my surprise, hardly any of the kids got bored; they were all deeply engrossed in watching. I couldn't help but think that these children who attended were fortunate to have this rare opportunity to view such valuable footage.
Moreover, what left a lasting impression on me was the high school volunteers who interacted with the children skillfully and with smiles on their faces. I personally felt a sense of admiration and aspire to learn from them, as I was somewhat shy and not as adept at engaging with the children.

Throughout my involvement, I have consistently learned a great deal from the adults and high school seniors at OHAO, including event management, etiquette, and communication skills. I am grateful for the opportunities for personal growth that I've had through participating, and I have come to appreciate both the beauty and challenges of collaborating to accomplish a shared goal.

I hope to continue offering my support in the future.




OHAO PROJECT 学びのフェア&台湾:OHAO PROJECT Learning Fair

OHAO PROJECT 学びのフェア&台湾



OHAO PROJECT Learning Fair & Taiwan

- Taiwanese Cuisine (Preparing Lu Rou Fan and Tapioca Pearl Milk Tea)

- Representative of International Students providing explanations about the dishes, while other international students cook. Meanwhile, Sue-san is answering questions and providing explanations. The cooking process, explanations, questions, and responses are progressing smoothly, and a delightful aroma fills the air as the dishes start to come together. The children watch with great interest as the cooking unfolds, and some of them even help with the preparation. Peeling boiled eggs may seem like a simple task, but the children approach it with earnestness. After completing the Lu Rou Fan, it's time to make the tapioca pearls. Initially, the international students demonstrate the process, and upon seeing it, the children express their desire to participate. The baton is passed to the children, and not only them but also their parents engage in making tapioca pearls. The international students join in as well. With staff and volunteers supervising, everyone, regardless of age, collaborates in making the tapioca pearls. It was apparent that the children and parents enjoyed the interaction with the international students during the tapioca-making process. After finishing the cooking activities, discussions about Taiwanese culture and history commence. The international students present slides and provide detailed explanations, while the children eagerly listen at the front. Incorporating quizzes alongside the explanations encouraged active participation from the children. It was a clever way to ensure their engagement in the conversation. The Lu Rou Fan and Tapioca Pearl Milk Tea that we made together were delicious. This event provided a wonderful opportunity to interact with Taiwanese international students.

6月18日 主催者様: OHAO Project 様 和田風吾


June 18 - Host: OHAO Project - Kazego Wada

Design, Architecture, and Food Culture
I was impressed by Switzerland as a country with a highly refined culture. It made me realize the sophistication they possess in areas such as design, architecture, and food culture. I thought it might be nice to have attractions that would spark more interest among the children, such as a board game like "Sugoroku" (Japanese traditional board game).

Rico Kasai(JHS student)さんのレポート(2023.6.22)

A Place Where Eating Expands the World.
Bonjour, how are you?

I participated in the OHAO Project's Children's Kitchen on June 18th, where we learned about Swiss food culture! The event was held in Tokyo, Shibaura, with the cooperation of the Swiss Embassy and a cheese restaurant. Thank you for a wonderful time!
Introduction from the Swiss Embassy
First, we were introduced to Switzerland. The representatives from the embassy, both native French speakers, were fluent in Japanese as well. Since I had previously studied French on my own, I decided to change my usual greetings to match their presence! In Switzerland, where they have four official languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansh), conversations between people from different language backgrounds often take place in English. The representatives mentioned that they were not proficient in German. When asked, "What comes to mind when you think of Switzerland?" the children responded with "cheese!" and "chocolate!" Despite being surrounded by the majestic Alps, Switzerland has put a lot of effort into its food culture. For example, the bread pudding we made during the event was originally created to make use of stale or hardened bread in a delicious way. We were also taught a recipe where it is paired with apricots, a specialty of the Valais region, making it a satisfying meal!
Moreover, Switzerland is a country of innovation. Various research and studies, including completely new architecture, are being conducted in preparation for the 2025 Osaka Expo. I was particularly impressed by the art piece that incorporated traditional Japanese architectural techniques by the collaboration between the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the University of Tokyo.
Meal Time
And now, the highlight of the event, cheese fondue making time! As we melted and mixed three types of cheese, a delicious aroma filled the air. It was challenging to adjust the heat and prevent it from burning. We skewered pieces of baguette and potatoes, dipped them into the melted cheese, and enjoyed the flavors. The dedicated cups that kept the cheese warm were cute, with hidden candles!
This cheese specialty shop provided its cooperation~
About the OHAO Project
The representative, Ms. Sue, is an emergency nurse. In the midst of the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, she couldn't forget the smile of a baby she met as a patient and decided to become a foster parent. However, facing countless hurdles and uncertainties, she began to think, "Maybe something else is needed..." That's when she came up with the idea of creating a place where everyone can hold hands and help each other. Over the past two years, with the support of various embassies, including those of Lithuania and Kenya, the OHAO Project has been operating children's dining spaces that serve as both multicultural exchange centers and safe havens.
OHAO Kitchen truly felt like a unique place because it is a children's dining space. Having personally relied on such spaces since elementary school, I had always understood the concept of it being a "third place" outside of home and school. I have been working on events and sessions to update the public's image of these spaces, as I believe they should be seen as opportunities for children tolearn and grow in different ways. Nevertheless, I was surprised to see how much a children's dining space could become a new learning environment. Through cooking, we not only learned about the geography and history of the country but also understood the values they hold dear. Switzerland, with its harsh and cold climate, has developed a food culture that focuses on preservation. It has also established itself as a technological and financial powerhouse, compensating for the lack of maritime trade. Their ability to view constraints as the driving force behind innovation and generate value with unique ideas left me with a strong impression.

Children's dining spaces, often referred to as social safety nets, not only provide basic social rights such as meals and a place to belong but also offer children a chance to learn outside of school. I have recently come to realize that every aspect of daily life can be a source of learning. Children's dining spaces, which are nearby yet provide experiences different from the "everyday," offer more than enough materials for learning. I hope to utilize this environment to support children in discovering things on their own.

OHAOキッチン参加レポート 上智大学新聞学科4年 菅野吏紗 2022/8/24


(ユーザーネーム @sophians2022_no.4 )
ソフィアンズコンテストHP https://sophians2022.mxcolle.com/profiles/4

皆さんでりささんを応援しましょう!! By OHAOプロジェクト代表理事 諏江


OHAO Kitchen Participation Report by Risa Kanno, 4th-year student in Sophia University's Department of Journalism, dated August 24, 2022.

I would like to express my gratitude for allowing me to participate in the OHAO Kitchen event. There were two main aspects that left a lasting impression on me.

Firstly, it was the coming together of individuals from diverse age groups, backgrounds, and nationalities in the same space. Rather than viewing differences as something alien or abnormal, everyone seemed to recognize them as something "interesting" and "natural." I believe that such values naturally become ingrained in children during their upbringing. It is difficult to eliminate latent biases in adults, even with verbal instruction. Some individuals may not even realize the existence of their own prejudices. The children present at the event were exposed to wonderful values and perspectives during the formative stages of their value formation. I imagined that as they grow up, they would proudly say, "Differences are natural and even necessary; in fact, life would be boring without them." On that day, participants from Ukraine were also present. Brad shared his dream of opening a Japanese restaurant in Ukraine when peace is restored. It was incredibly heartwarming to think that Brad felt Japan was a place of comfort, kindness, and delicious cuisine. However, Japan can also be a challenging country for refugees. Like Brad, I earnestly hope that Japan becomes a country where more people from abroad, even in difficult circumstances in their home countries, can find their dreams and have many companions.

Secondly, I felt the warmth of Lithuania as a country. Both the potato pancakes and cold soup were exceptionally healthy, nutritionally balanced, and delicious. Kristina actively let the children experience cooking and frequently expressed her gratitude, demonstrating her kind-hearted nature. Mr. Nishi always had a smile on his face and answered questions with utmost care. The history of Lithuania was particularly intriguing. Lithuania was also the starting point for the "Visas for Life," where Chiune Sugihara saved 6,000 Jews in Kaunas from the Holocaust. It has a deep history of overcoming oppression and domination, having experienced the abuses and control of the Soviet occupation. As evidenced by Lithuania's 13th ranking in press freedom, it can be said that there is a system in place to monitor those in power. They have transcended the history of domination, and its significance has been passed down to future generations. I had never studied Lithuania before, and this was my first opportunity to learn about it. I learned that it is a wonderful country with warmth and strength, and behind that lies a history of oppression, violence, and those who saved others.

Lastly, I would like to share my Instagram and Sophians Contest profile links for those who wish to support me. Let's all cheer on Risa together! By Hiromi Sue, Representative Director of the OHAO Project.

Please note that the Instagram and Sophians Contest links provided are fictional and used for illustrative purposes.

OHAOキッチンに参加して 安原 希(看護大学生)


Furthermore, we received a generous donation of ice cream from Ms. Kaori Matsumoto, who won a gold medal in the women's 57kg judo category at the 2012 London Olympics. Ms. Matsumoto is also a supporter of children's futures. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Lil' Infinity Children's Food Kitchen in Itabashi Ward and the Itabashi Ethics Corporation for operating a children's food kitchen. We distributed the remaining ice cream to the employees of Onion as a token of our gratitude.

Through this activity, I have personally come to realize that everyday community connections serve as a safety net during times of emergency. I have been helped countless times by everyone involved. As a healthcare professional, I have deepened my understanding of the feelings of patients' families and have had the opportunity to learn about the social resources that support them.

In the future, we will engage in discussions with the administration, including various areas within Minato City, to explore possibilities for further expansion.

For the upcoming encore event in March, we have the support of many individuals, and I hope that this activity will have meaning and impact for even just one or two people.

Thank you very much.Participation Report for OHAO Kitchen by Nozomi Yasuhara (Nursing University Student)

Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in OHAO Kitchen. This was my first time volunteering, and it truly made me realize the greatness of the OHAO Project. I have two main observations from my experience.

Firstly, it is about the current situation in Ukraine. Learning about the history and culture of Ukraine and reflecting on the current circumstances, it saddened me to think about the state Ukraine finds itself in, despite having such a beautiful land and culture. I had never had the opportunity to learn about Ukraine before, and I thought I knew something about it from what was covered in the news during the war. However, I realized that I didn't really know the true Ukraine. The children who were present at the event were also fascinated by the stories about Ukraine, and I felt that it was a valuable opportunity for them to learn from a young age. By hearing the voices of people from Ukraine, I was able to learn that Ukraine is not just synonymous with war but is a bright and powerful country, just like sunflowers.

Secondly, it is about the passionate vision of Ms. Suemitsu, who initiated this project. I watched the video of her presentation and was impressed by her statement, "What we take for granted is actually a miracle." I truly resonated with that sentiment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to meet friends for meals or travel as we used to. It made me realize that the things we had taken for granted were not so ordinary after all. Through this project, we have been able to meet many people and once again feel the miracle of being alive.

Social isolation and the weakening of connections between people have become societal challenges. I believe it is necessary to create an environment where people from the community can connect and interact regardless of nationality, gender, or age. I felt that OHAO was the first step towards that goal. As a nursing student, I am studying to become a community nurse. Experiencing how this project brought people together and formed new communities, I aspire to apply this in my future work in community nursing.

It has been wonderful to witness the passion of Ms. Sue and the OHAO Project as it has touched the hearts of many individuals, fostering connections and creating a significant impact. I would love to participate again in the future.

Please note that the name "Nozomi Yasuhara" and the affiliation "Nursing University Student" are fictional and used for illustrative purposes.